Social Networking


Qliques allows you to control who can view your posts by grouping your individual friend clusters into Qliques. Qliques allows you to quickly categorize your friends & acquaintances into individual Qliques and share items freely to that group. Share information securely on your smartphone to targeted Qliques created by you (i.e. high school friends, gym buddies, coworkers and golf crew).
Qliques allows you to be selective when sharing their life. Qlique members can securely message and post picture, videos, text, audio, documents and their location to their private groups beautifully. Users create different Qliques based on the different relationships they have with people: Social, Family, Business, Organization or Specialty/Event. Once a Qlique is formed, the creator chooses the members that will be able to view & post in the private Qlique. Members that accept the invitation to the Qlique can see a new Qlique displayed in our custom horizontal scroll bar across the bottom. If the Qlique Creator locks the Qlique, Members will have to enter a numerical passcode to view content in the Qlique. The revolutionizing floating 3D timeline makes viewing content fun.



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